Anurag Jyoti

My spiritual journey began with Tarot way back in 2005. I remember the urge I had about knowing and exploring the spiritual dimension within me. Born and brought up in a religious Brahmin family, I always knew that there is something more than mere chanting of mantras. There is a deeper connection of the soul and the physical self. This inquisitiveness played a major role for my constant search for my spiritual questions. And in 2005, I started dwelling in the deeper realms of spirituality. This is was my first corner stone to explore the unknown.

As my connection with Tarot started deepening, so did my thirst for searching deeper spiritual answers to understand the connection between the mind-body-soul. This is where my journey with Clinical Hypnosis began. It gave me amazing insights on how the conscious and subconscious mind is always at play. My knowledge was deepening as I began to practice it more effectively. The results I got for my clients on issues like failing marriages or perhaps clutter and confusion helped me to accelerate my learning process. Each client has contributed majorly in shaping my learning and giving me a lot of wisdom.

Learning Past Life Regression gave a complete insight on how we incarnate as souls. My childhood learning of Bhagvad Gita coupled with the knowledge of Past Life Regression helped me see through my own soul. The understanding of concepts like Soul Agreements, Soul plans made me realize that we are not just human beings, but we are spiritual beings in a human body. And our spirit never dies. It only expands its oneness with completion of karma, collecting wisdom from our experiences and constantly expanding with the application of this wisdom.

Today, I am teaching Tarot, Reiki and practicing multiple modalities like Clinical Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Theta Brain Wave Healing, Emotion Release Technique and at the same time continuing to be a student of LIFE. I believe in serving LIFE in every way I can. I invite you on this journey of discovering your authentic self. I am grateful to all my students and clients for making me a part of their journey. Indeed, we are all co-partners in each other’s journey where we are learning and growing together.