Did you know that just like human beings, even lands, houses, offices hold the imprints of the emotions we go through? Yes, our homes, offices and lands store emotions just like us. This is the reason why when we enter a certain place and feel either a welcoming feeling or like everything is dead and heavy. When you visit someone’s house, it can either make you feel warm and comfortable or perhaps very sad and drained out on energy. The emotions that the inhabitants of the place go through leaves an imprint on the space.

In fact, our own houses have imprints of all our emotions whether they are happy emotions or sadness, grief or remorse. When these imprints are left in the space, they too become a place of limiting experiences. One may feel stuck and does not understand what the reason for it is. Therefore, our ancestors emphasized on the importance of being connected to our homes, our place of working in a positive manner.

Space Cleansing can help you release these emotional imprints that your home, office or space is holding. These imprints can be cleared, and new feelings and emotions can be downloaded. When new, positive feelings and emotions are programmed into the space, it uplifts the vibrations of the place. This in turn can benefit you for manifesting your dreams into reality.

Energy is always in motion. Hence, when it is re-directed into a workable mode for you, it becomes easier to manifest. Your own space can become a great contributor towards your success. In fact, when space cleansing is done, it improves the harmony of the entire environment. You can focus better as well as get connected with the Nature in a peaceful manner. Space Cleansing removes those debris of emotions which are acting as barriers and roadblocks for you to move forward in life.

Key benefits of Space Cleansing:

  •  Uplifts the vibrations of your home
  • Can be used program your home, office or other spaces to become your co-partners in Manifestation
  • Improves the overall well-being of the habitants
  • Helps to improve focus at work
  • Boosts peace and harmony in the environment
  • Helps in improving the physical, mental and emotional health of the habitants

What spaces can be cleansed with Space Cleansing?

  • Your home where you live
  • Your workplace
  •  Your investments in land or any other property
  •  Agricultural Lands
  • Hospitals and Health Clinics