Anurag JyotiHi, I am Anurag Jyoti – a professional Tarot Card reader, Instructor and a Spiritual Coach. As a child I had a fascination to know how people can read what is in store for others & how can they be so accurate. Also, I was keen to understand how it is possible for a person to show some solutions & the redundant energy just disappears and one starts noticing positive changes in life. After completing my graduation in commerce, I was happy working & growing my business. But still was not completely satisfied. This fascination was still somewhere haunting me & I wanted the answers to my questions. So, here in the year 2005 I started my study of holistic sciences and I first learnt Tarot Reading. I was completely spell bound while learning what Tarot was. I got my answer that all these sciences are based on getting in touch with the Universal Energies. From there on, there was no looking back.

My readings started becoming popular among friends & family & soon I was a professional Tarot Card reader. Within a year’s time, with all the research & development in this field, I started teaching Tarot. My students found my way very simple yet hitting point blank. Today, I am happy doing reading as well as teaching people this amazing science of Tarot. I always have this intention in mind to help as many people as I can with this amazing tool which is of great guidance.

I personally feel Tarot reading is not just future telling, rather it is a tool given by the Universe for guidance. Tarot can help people see the options in life & choose the correct ones. Tarot acts as a divine guidance for all aspects of life. It helps you enjoy a life filled with love, abundance, happiness & joy. Also, being a certified Hypnotherapist, it gives me an edge while interpreting cards as I also help my clients with healings for situations which are to be dealt at the soul level.

If you wish to join me on this journey, learn tarot or do readings, call me today.