Did you know that limiting beliefs about any aspect in your life are the major reason for being unsuccessful in life? Well, this is the truth that any kind of limiting belief sabotages your growth. For example, a limiting belief about money that – “People with more money have more enemies” can actually stop you from attracting a great financial health. Hence, identifying these beliefs and releasing them can open new avenues to move forward in life.

This is where Theta Brain Wave Healing can help you identify these limiting beliefs as well as help you to re-program your subconscious mind. We tend to carry these beliefs either from our DNA or our past life experiences or perhaps from our present life conditioning. Whatever the reason being, with Theta Brain Wave Healing, these can be identified as well as released. Theta Brain Wave Healing helps you to make new neuro pathways after new beliefs are downloaded. When the old beliefs are released and the new ones are downloaded, it re-programs your subconscious mind for moving forward in life.

Theta Brain Wave Healing helps you to manifest your dreams into your physical reality. It re-aligns you to the Divine Right of attracting happiness, peace and love in all the aspects of your life. There are times when we live in duality. For instance, one can feel dangerous to have more money and at the same time also feels that attracting financial wealth is easy for them. In such cases, we see that the person may progress and yet not feel it is up to their expectations. This is where Theta Brain Wave Healing can release the limiting belief and help dissolve the duality running in the subconscious mind.

One needs to have clarity about their soul plan. And in order to take action on the plan, we need to make empowered choices. These choices can be made easily and effortlessly with the help of Theta Brain Wave Healing. As we are ascending spiritually into the 5th Dimension consciousness, the old programs and limiting beliefs will no longer work. It is the need of the hour to re-align ourselves with the new belief systems which work on feeling abundant at all the levels of our existence.

To summarize the benefits of Theta Brain Wave Healing:

  • Identifying limiting beliefs easily
  • Dissolving the duality of the subconscious mind
  • Attracting more wealth in life
  • Understanding the reasons for health issues and releasing them
  • Creating new neuro pathways for attracting love
  • Attracting your Soul Mate
  • Manifesting a great Career
  • Manifesting Abundance in all the areas of life