Human life revolves around emotions and we are 100% made up of feelings and emotions. Hence, it is important to manage our emotions effectively. They are the driving force behind our actions. A healthy emotional body helps one to manifest their goals effectively. It is our emotional relationship that we share with any aspect of our life that shapes it. For example, a healthy relationship with your career will help you build a stable and satisfying career. Yet, if the relationship with your career is lacking something or perhaps is burdened by past events, then the journey to achievement is very troublesome.

Most of us tend to be entangled in emotions like sorrow, grief, resentments, regrets and so on. This entanglement makes us feel tied from within, unable to express complete creativity. This is where Emotion Release Technique can help de-tangle yourself. It works majorly on the main meridians of the body where we tend to store our emotions. Tapping on the right meridian points coupled with breathing helps to release these stored emotions. Once released, the person feels a different kind of freedom from this burden.

Emotion Release Technique largely aims at releasing those stored emotions which you’re unable to get in touch with in your normal day-to-day life. Tapping on the meridian pressure points helps to loosen up these pent-up emotions. The corresponding statements when repeated along with the tapping and breathing eases the entanglement and releases it completely. This further helps you to allow the creative energy to flow smoothly and restore oneness within.

Summarizing the process of Emotion Release Technique:

1.     Identifying the emotion: As your therapist, I discover the pinching emotion during the initial interview.

2.     Forming the Statement: This is a critical step where the statement is formed using the input received during the interview. The statement revolves around the emotion that needs to be addressed.

3.     Tapping on the Meridian points: Saying the statement along with tapping on the meridian points help to release the stored emotional energy.

4.     Breathing Out: With the tapping, constant chanting of the statement and then breathing out the stored emotional energy releases the entanglement of the emotion.

5.     Breathing In Peace: After doing several rounds of the above process, the person is now able to breathe in the energy of peace and new found creative energy.

Emotion Release Technique can be used in all the areas of life. It can help you re-focus on your work or help improving your relationships. Below are a few areas that can be worked on with it:

  • Releasing anxiety and stress
  • Breaking out the pattern of confusion and denial
  • Improving the quality of your relationships
  • Breaking the pattern of constant health issues
  • Releasing the circle of debts
  • Gaining Financial Abundance
  • Accessing the higher realms of Divinity
  • Integrating the Creative Energy within
  • Bringing back focus in your life